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Jiu jitsu is one of the most practical martial arts to learn because the majority of fights or attacks end up on the ground. Jiu jitsu is highly technical, so it can be extremely effective against bigger and stronger opponents. We offer traditional Gi and No-Gi Jiu jitsu Miami classes that will teach you a variety of chokes, submissions, defensive moves and much more.

The many benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Miami include:

  • triangleSelf defense for men and women
  • triangleIncreased flexibility
  • triangleImproved fitness, strength, and general physical conditioning
  • triangleStress release and improved concentration
  • triangleIncreased self-confidence

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will help you achieve total fitness :

  • triangleAerobics
  • triangleFlexibility
  • triangleMuscular strength
  • triangleMuscular endurance
  • triangleMental fitness

What makes BJJ Miami different from other Martial Arts?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu differs fundamentally from other martial arts in that it provides solutions for all possible stages of combat. Other disciplines like Tae Kwon Do or boxing focus on striking and rely heavily on speed and strength to deliver damage, but speed and strength do not matter when you are on your back in a fight. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu relies on superior technique and leverage, meaning that students will learn to control a much bigger and stronger opponent.

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Who can join Jiu Jitsu Miami?

One of the best things about BJJ Miami is that almost anyone can benefit from it. Jiu Jitsu is excellent for kids and teens because it teaches focus and discipline and it is applicable in a variety of different situations. BJJ is an effective way to end a fight quickly regardless of a person’s age or gender because it provides a method for smaller, weaker individuals to protect themselves from bigger, stronger attackers. Whether you’re looking to compete or just get into a healthy new hobby, Jiu jitsu is for you!

Why Evolution MMA Miami is the best place to learn Jiu jitsu

Our kids and teens MMA classes include a focus on jiu jitsu techniques and provide students an opportunity to practice the techniques in real time by grappling. Jiu jitsu Miami will improve your child’s self-discipline and boost their self-esteem.

Our adult jiu jitsu Miami program includes both Gi and No-Gi classes for beginners through experienced black belts. Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors will enable students to grasp the essentials of jiu jitsu in a safe and friendly environment while offering one-on-one feedback to help you learn. We also offer private BJJ lessons for with our instructors. Jiu jitsu is perfect for anyone who wants to learn self-defense, or for people who want to get in the best shape of their life.

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