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Just want to take the time to clear some things up!

Just want to take the time to clarify some things about the sport I love. The sport you see on TV where two guys are fighting in a cage is called MMA this stands for Mixed Martial Arts, It’s a combination of a boxing, wrestling, muay thai kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, and judo. Back in the days when they first started MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) it was usually some one that was a master of 1 of these arts competing against some one that was a master of a different art. For example and the most common they would put a (striker) such as a master of muay thai against a (ground guy) such as a jiu-jitsu specialist. As the sport evolved these masters started to cross train and become experts in all these arts, this is sometimes considered to be the art of Freestyle fighting. In my opinion the most important and dominant arts that you need to be fluent in are boxing, wrestling and some jiu-jitsu. Hope this is clearing some things up for you. Now the UFC stands for the (Ultimate Fighting Championship) this is not the style of fighting this is a promotional company and a sanctioning organization it is considered to be the super bowl of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Hope I have cleared things up for you and oh ya by the way Professional wrestling is fake, but that’s a whole other story.

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