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There is a new player in town. Team Sit You Down, which is a combination of Evolution MMA, located in Kendall and Full Contact Fitness in Homestead. Dan Monteleone owner of Evolution MMA said he wanted his group to create a mma masterplan. “I always thought about teaming up with a great wrestling camp and a jiu jitsu camp to form a super team,” he said. And, Full Contact Fitness provided the wrestling. The group started after both camps trained with each other. Full Contact Fitness’s Chino Duran, a top wrestler and mma fighter, would cross train with Evolution mma. Monteleone said it was a perfect combo. “We were cross training with Chino at Killian High School for a bit, everyone knows he is a great wrestler,” he said. “Everyone also knows that we are considered a stand up gym, even though our guys have a ground game most of my guys prefer to keep it standing.” The name “Team Sit You Down” is inspired by John Vistante’s father’s old gym in Hawaii which no longer exists. Vistante was in The Ultimate Fighter. Monteleone said it was just a matter of time till both groups joined. “Full Contact seemed to like the idea as well and for two smaller camps it works to have more training partners,” he said. “The team consists of all Evolution MMA fighters and all Full Contact Fighters including Patrick Williams and Chino Duran.” There are nine Evolution MMA fighters including Josh Mercado, Mike Trujillo, Tony Johnson Jr., John Vistante, Jason Telus and Anthony Garavito just to name a few. “We now have some of the most dominant wrestlers in South Florida and some of the top strikers to work together to cross train with and form this elite team,” he said. “And, eventually we will probably be adding a jiu jitsu camp as soon as we find one that is a match for the team. This is the formula that military Special Forces use, they get experts in each field and cross train with each other until each guy can do the other guys job perfectly.” Both camps train together a minimum of two times a week and a third day is being worked out. Team Sit You Down’s mission: “To continue to dominate like we have been. The goal hasn’t changed we are just getting more tools to accomplish it,”.

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