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Update on team HERO.

Here is a quick update on what’s going on after our first two weeks of Team HERO (martial arts program for kids with special needs).

Our students have received and are wearing their gis (martial arts uniform), some more reluctantly than others. We have been working on our class motto, Honor, Encourage, Respect, and Overcome. We have covered our gym expectations. We have begun to teach basic conditioning and martial arts fundamentals.

We are dedicated to providing a well-rounded martial arts and fitness curriculum with teaching styles that will accommodate every learning style. We believe that martial arts is the perfect opportunity for kids with special needs to learn an individual sport, while allowing them to be part of a team at a pace that is within their own comfort level. Our students are developing socialization and communication skills, both with adults and their peers. They also feel a sense of pride as their classmates cheer them on, therefore building self-esteem and confidence.

We are expecting great things from our students and we look forward to seeing you at the gym.

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“Great place to train! The coaching staff is great and the gym is spacious will all of the equipment needed to train properly.”


“Evolution MMA offers a variety of fun and fast-paced classes that helped me get into the best shape of my life! The friendly and knowledgeable coaches provide lots of one-on-one feedback that helps students to achieve their fitness goals. A great place for anyone looking to get in shape, learn self-defense techniques, or hone their skills as a martial artist.”


“Great place for my kids to learn self defense and discipline. Wonderful coaches and staff.”

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