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  • April, Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    I love Evolution MMA because it feels like family. I was at my heaviest a few years ago and I dove right into the cardio kickboxing classes with no experience and everyone was so nice. I was never really an athletic person and I had no real muscle definition, and exercise was always a chore I never really wanted to make time for. I’ve been going for a year and a few months now and I’ve seen major improvements in my strength, stamina, and overall mood, and I’ve made a ton of new friends here! The coaches are understanding and friendly and always try to help you do your best. My weight is finally under control and I feel stronger every day. Going to the gym is no longer a chore, it actually feels like something is off if I happen to miss a day.

  • DANIELS'S TESTIMONIAL, Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    The workouts at Evolution MMA have not only caused me to lose weight, but I am getting in great shape at the same time.

  • ALEX'S TESTIMONIAL, Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    I keep telling myself that hard work pays off and I feel it does. The workouts at Evolution MMA are helping me get in shape and teaching me self defense at the same time. It's a win win in my book!

    Thanks Evolution MMA

  • JOHN'S TESTIMONIAL, Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    The results are truly real for me! I lost 45 lbs. in a pretty short period of time at Evolution MMA.

    Thanks Evolution MMA

  • Nikki Watarz , Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    I've been going to bootcamp classes here for years and I love it. Everyone is very friendly and encouraging! I highly recommend this gym to anyone looking for a good mix of classes.

    Nikki Watarz
  • Enrique Soul, Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    Coach Dan and Coach Gabe are amazing. Great MMA school. Get in shape while learning how to properly defend yourself.

    Enrique Soul
  • Corinne Sheppo O'Connell , Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    What a great place to get in shape and learn defensive strategies. Everyone is so nice and helpful. And a super clean gym! Couldn't ask for a better experience!!

    Corinne Sheppo O'Connell
  • Maria L. , Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    Evolution MMA is by far the best MMA gym in Miami. As a woman, it took me out of my boring gym routine and has put me in the best shape of my life! The bootcamp and kickboxing classes are my favorite.  

    Not only do they have a great adult program, they also have the best kids MMA. My 8 year old son began the classes and loves it. He has rapidly progressed to a yellow beltin a few months. 

    Thank you Evolution MMA!

    Maria L.
  • KM Ortiz , Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    Dan is a very awesome coach! He pushes everyone to a total different level on every class. I totally recommend Evolution MMA if you are looking to learn mma or just to get in shape!

    KM Ortiz
  • Carolina Valencia, Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    Always catch a great workout! Friendly and fun😊

    Carolina Valencia
  • Gianina Acevedo , Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    Best GYM ever. I owe big thanks to this place for helping me transform my body into the best shape of my life! 🔥

    Gianina Acevedo
  • Paul Pino, Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    Best MMA Gym in Miami. Great Coaching Staff and a great family atmosphere. I have not been this fit since high school and it feels great. Plus you learn to defend yourself in so many ways. Highly recommended. If you haven't tried a class, then your missing out.

    Paul Pino
  • Rafael Jimenez, Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    Great staff and wonderful people ! Awesome experience ! Thank you !

    Rafael Jimenez
  • Iliana R., Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    Awesome place to learn MMA or just get your behind kicked in kickbox or boot camp classes. It's not overly packed and instructors are great !

    Iliana R.
  • Danny Garavito, Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    Best gym in south florida for all levels of mma practitioners. I highly recommend this gym if you're interested in competing in bjj mma or kickboxing. Head Jiu jitsu instructor Gabriel and head muaythai/kickboxing instructor dan are legitimate blackbelts and have trained with the very best in the world. They take their job seriously and are always happy to help people coming in trying to better themselves.

    Danny Garavito
  • Michelle B. , Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    I finally found a bootcamp I am very happy with. The staff is very motivating and there is always a positive vibe. The workouts are constantly changing, so all muscle groups are incorporated on a weekly basis. I would highly recommend giving Evolution a try. You will not be disappointed!!

    Michelle B.
  • Excellent! I am new to kickboxing and I absolutely love this place. Coach Dan is very professional and people go there to learn and train for real!

    Claudia Camacaro
  •  Gary Troutt, Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    If you're looking to lose weight or just get in shape, this place is perfect! The bootcamp and kickboxing classes are awesome for my cardio and endurance. Also the place is clean and the people and coaches are really cool as well! I give this place a thumbs up 👍

    Gary Troutt
  •  Nicole Marie Soden, Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    The training I have done with Dan has actually saved my life. His instincts are spot on and his demeanor and sense of humor make the work easier.

    Nicole Marie Soden
  • Jeanette T., Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    I've been taking the boot camp classes since March. I didn't think I would last for more than a month. I feel stronger and more in shape! They have a great class schedule for my work schedule. I highly recommend Evolution MMA to anyone wanting a different type of workout!

    Jeanette T.
  • Liza Arroyo, Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    Awesome place and very professional. Love it!

    Liza Arroyo
  • Karma Deity, Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    Both of my sons have taken MMA lessons here, and I have always felt that they are in great hands. It's always safety first of course, but beyond that you will find top-notch instruction led by caring instructors. The gym is always very clean as well, and management is super friendly. Highly recommend.

    Karma Deity
  • Esthram Jacobo Gavidia , Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    The Best Of The Best!!!! Excelent Coaching staff Great People, it's like a new family For me

    Esthram Jacobo Gavidia
  • Catherine Deviliers, Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    Great gym with an awesome group of experienced coaches. There's a supportive atmosphere where everyone is always willing to help one another. You can get as much or as little as you want out of the classes. Perfect whether you want to learn how to fight or just get in to really great shape.

    Catherine Deviliers
  • Enrique Crespo , Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    Great coaches and fun friendly atmosphere for kids, teens and adults of all ages.

    Enrique Crespo
  • Jennifer Brewer, Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    A great place to get in shape and kick some ass! Evolution is clean and spacious and offers a variety of classes at convenient times. The training atmosphere is friendly, motivational, and non-intimidating. I love intensity of the bootcamp and cardio kickboxing classes, and the confidence I've gained from learning how to defend myself is invaluable.

    Jennifer Brewer
  • Katrina A., Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    THIS GYM IS AMAZING!! They specialize in mixed martial arts but also have a boot camp (which I participate in) and kickboxing class (which I plan to work my way up to). The staff & owner are incredibly nice; they really have succeeded in making the gym a family environment. The boot camp class is filled with positive people- no meat heads, or egocentric/selfie taking people. Everyone, including the instructor motivates, and challenges you on a daily basis. The boot camp circuits have minor changes every class, so you're able to become familiar w. the workouts without them becoming mundane and predictable. If you don't like the GYM and are looking for a group style/instructional workout that still allows you to lift and work on muscle, this is a great place to call home.

    Katrina A.
  • New Testimonial, Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    Class act from the students to the instructors and Dan the owner is a wealth of knowledge and runs a great gym. Frank Segredo is my instructor and I highly recommend him to any novice or expert.

    New Testimonial
  •  Lori Rutter, Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    I love the bootcamp! It's a complete body workout with cardio as well! If you want results I highly recommend you check this gym out! My kids have been in several of the MMA programs as well and have thoroughly enjoyed them.The trainers are very knowledgeable and attentive. Very clean and great location!

    Lori Rutter
  • Tesla G. , Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    I LOVE this place!!! Its addicting, motivating and friendly. Its super fun and you'll sweat like crazy. You get an effective workout all the time. I have lost 15lbs just by doing their boot camp and kickboxing classes. Evolution MMA gives you the fix other gym don't. All the instructors are phenomenal. I always get an amazing, exhilarating and stress relieving workout!!! Try it , you have nothing to lose but weight and gain muscle.

    Tesla G.
  • Lorraine Pino , Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    Love this place!!! Great instructors. The boot camp is intense. Great hours!

    Lorraine Pino
  • Lauren Andrew, Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    Whether you're looking to get in shape, start jiu jitsu or MMA, or just want a workout that's going to kick your ass, Evolution MMA is the place to go. The coaches (Dan, JC, Brandon, Gabe, Kirk and Frankie) are all amazing at teaching any level from beginner to pro and excel in their art. Beginners don't worry--each coach is extremely patient, willing to work with you in a no-ego environment. The gym is big enough to have people of all levels, but small enough where you feel like a part of the family. Evolution MMA has truly become a second home for me; the coaches and fighters have become my brothers and sisters. If you're in the South Florida area looking for somewhere to train MMA or just want to get a workout in that you will feel for days later, look no further--Evolution MMA is the place to go!

    Lauren Andrew
  • Instructor Bruno , Evolution MMA Miami Testimonials

    Best physical and defense training anyone could have.

    Instructor Bruno

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