Get 2 FREE weeks with our back to school special!

Get 2 FREE weeks with our back to school special!

Add Martial Arts to this years curriculum and set your child up for success. Martial Arts will help your child gain focus, discipline, and most importantly, confidence. Confident kids are not targeted by bullies. Bullying has become an epidemic these past few years whether it is verbal bullying, social bullying, or physical bullying they can all have a negative impact on your child. Bullying can cause painful emotional and physical effects such as emotional distress, depression, missing school, substance abuse and even suicide. Did you know that approximately 30% of kids have admitted to bulling other kids, 70% of young people have witnessed bullying in their schools, and about 70% of school staff has seen bullying? So the facts are that bullying does exist and the odds of your child experiencing it in some form are very high. So what can we do as a parent to help our child? Mixed Martial Arts is the best tool you can give to your child to help prevent them from becoming a victim. Get your child involved today!

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