Kickboxing Classes for All Levels! Beginners Welcome!

If you are ready to get in the best shape of your life then check out one of our kickboxing classes today!

There's never a better day to get started working on your health than today, and we'd like to be a part of that journey with you. Maybe you want to be leaner, stronger, more flexible, or just harder to wind, but no matter what it is, we've got you covered. Our kickboxing classes are tailor-made for any skill or fitness level to achieve the well-rounded health you're looking for, no matter your schedule. Experts note that you can burn upwards of 600 calories in a single hour-long session of kickboxing, and that even just 60 seconds of such high-intensity, short-burst kickboxing training can offer the same heart and lung benefits as 45 minutes of less intense exercise, which means that you'll never feel better than after joining our kickboxing sessions.

Never tried kickboxing before? No problem, we specialize in working with beginners.

If getting in shape is something you're thinking of, don't stall! Come see for yourself in our open, friendly environment just how far your body will take you when you decide to train it.

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