Short lesson in self-defense

Short lesson in self-defense

We'd like to give you a short lesson in self-defense.

Experts say it again and again: Prevention is the best self-defense. Most crimes are crimes of opportunity, which means the best thing you can do to keep yourself safe is avoid being an easy target. You're safer where it's well-lit than where it's hard to see. You're safer in a group than alone. You're safer in a building or in your car than in between. You're safer even if you just look confident and aware, than lost and frightened. But what if you are lost and frightened? What if, despite your effective measures towards safety, the possibility leaves a pit in your stomach?

That's where we can help you learn to defend yourself.

Nothing is going to give you the confidence to walk tall and fast to your car on a dark night quite like the knowledge that if the worst happens, you'll know what to do. Being a tough target means more than avoiding all the wrong turns. It means not folding under the pressure of an unexpected situation. It means not freezing up when an assailant is making their choice. It means being trained in what to do when someone grabs you, when someone throws a punch, or when someone knocks you over. The things you learn here will keep you safe when smart decisions don't.

Give us a call and set up an appointment for a free trial. You'll never regret being prepared to defend yourself.

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