Are you prepared to defend yourself?

How prepared are you to defend yourself?

It’s a question that runs through everyone’s mind at one point or another. If a fight broke out, if you were attacked, how prepared are you? When you picture it, what are you absolutely relying on, and how reliable is it really? Here’s a tip: If your go-to plan is some sort of weapon or tool, it may not be as reliable as you think. When we talk about self-defense preparedness, we’re talking about percentages. We consider, “What’s the likelihood of this sort of violent encounter, and what’s the likelihood my plan will hold up under the acid test?” It’s a common mistake to not think like this. Pepper spray will be left at the bottom of a purse, where it can’t be quickly retrieved. Guns will be left in car glove compartments, when you’re most likely to be attacked while walking. Most seriously, the stress and tension of the moment can’t be accurately considered until it finally happens.

Dont depend on weapons to defend yourself

Here’s the rub that manufacturers of self-defense equipment don’t want people to know, what criminologists call, “The Weapon Focus Effect.” When violent encounters take place, both attackers and victims alike hyper-focus on any weapon that gets involved. This means that victims will fumble for their tool of choice, when they could just as easily run away. You could be attempting to tase someone grabbing you by the wrists when, at that exact moment, you could have more success incapacitating them with proven martial arts techniques.

There is no weapon you can buy anywhere, no plan you can figure, that will be more reliable than your own body. It’s impossible to know if you’ll keep your wits about you when you get punched, thrown, or grabbed, which is why there’s no single better thing you can do to be ready than experience it safely, recreationally, and regularly, by coming to our gym. We know that our members rely on us to teach them well, because effective training can be the difference between getting home safe, and being too lost in the moment to react. We want you to have that advantage too.

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