Don't let friends hold you back from your goals.

Have you ever been frustrated with your gym buddy?

Training alone can be tough, whether it’s just lifting weights or trying out a whole new gym, so we get it, it’s good to have a friend around, even if they flake out sometimes. But it can really get on your nerves sometimes, can’t it? Over the years we’ve been operating, we’ve learned that one of the biggest things holding people back from training mixed martial arts is intimidation. It’s scary to head to an MMA gym as newbie, not knowing how the routines work or what’s expected of you, so maybe you’ve been hoping to come with your friend, but, no shade on them, they just keep flaking.

Don't let a friend get in the way of your MMA or fitness goals

So what if you were the gym buddy? MMA is a team sport, and that matters to us. That’s why here at Evolution, all of our drills, from pad-work, to Jiu-Jitsu, to cardio workouts, pair you with another student. We take pride in the camaraderie our members find, and the friendships they make. Nothing helps you brave the experience of a new gym like someone next to you, which is why we guarantee one in all of our sessions.

Don’t keep waiting on friends to try something new when new friends are waiting for you! Give us a call today to set up an appointment for your free first session!

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