Monday is not waiting on you so, don't wait on it.

Stop waiting on Monday to start your MMA or fitness journey.

Here at Evolution, we work with complete beginners, championship fighters, and everything in between. We’ve seen all that there is to see in an MMA gym, from kids who grow a lifelong love for Jiu Jitsu, to couch potatoes who burn off 150 pounds, to regular office workers that grind and grit their way to victory in a ring. Everybody walks into the gym for the first time with something different in mind, and no two people have identical paths to success. But there’s one thing that every single person who’s come to us and left with what they wanted had in common: They. Got. Started. Everybody who we have ever trained, whether they wanted to lose 15 pounds or 50, whether they wanted to wrestle or box, whether they wanted to fight regional or national, had a first day. And we’ll be honest. Sometimes, the first day isn’t the hardest. Sometimes the hardest day is six months in when you’re not sure if you’ve made any progress at all. Sometimes it’s the day after your first, when you’re still sore and really feel that you deserve the break. Maybe your tallest hill isn’t the same as most others’, and maybe you just won’t be able to climb it. There’s only one thing that’s for sure there though, and it’s that you’ll only ever find out when you get there.

Fitness and Martial arts training never waits for Monday.

Our mindset at Evolution is that you can’t wait for success. We believe that you can’t wait for the ideal time, because too often, the ideal time just doesn’t come. We believe that, “I’ll start on Monday,” is the enemy of, “I’ll make it there in 1 year.” We believe that success takes patience, but that patience doesn’t make success. It’s a long road of promising to be better today than you were yesterday, and every single day is the right one.

If you’ve been waiting, this our personal invitation to you: Because your first day is your most important, your first class is on us. Call for an appointment and take that free first step towards succeeding. The last step you’ll take alone is when you choose to call. We’ll be here, helping you along to wherever you have to go, for as long as it takes.

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