Keep kids healthy and active with our Kids MMA program.

It’s a rough time for getting kids active but our MMA program for kids can help.

Apps send pings and buzzes designed to satisfy, and content is delivered so that you only ever crave more. The research is still pending on what the effects of so much addiction-creating screen time can have on kids’ development, but the cost of too little physical activity is crystal clear. While adults need a minimum of two-and-a-half hours of walking per week, kids between 5 and 18 need at least a full hour of vigorous exercise, every day. Less than this is linked to weaker bones, hyperactivity, and increased risk of heart problems throughout adulthood.

MMA is a fun way for kids to stay healthy and active.

That’s why it’s so important to give your kids something active and fun! It’s hard to get them to run laps or use a trampoline for an hour, and every single time, they’ll wish they’d just stayed inside and watched YouTube. Active time just for the sake of being active is counterintuitive—it has to also be a good time. Having fun when they sweat is the sort of association that will stay with kids for the rest of their lives, and the opposite is also true. If they’re only ever spending their physical activity where they don’t want to, they’re just left tired for the stuff they’d rather do.

Here at Evolution, we strive to make sweating fun. Kids from 6 to 12 and teens from 13 to 17 are guaranteed to get their energy’s worth of an hour, learning to kick, roll, grapple, and dodge like the pros. They’ll get strong while building self-esteem in group exercises, learning to be confident in their own abilities, and mindful of their peer’s wellbeing. MMA and Jiu Jitsu are uniquely suited to keep your kid focused and excited, so that they’ll always look forward to being physically active with their teammates. Make an appointment for a free Kids MMA class, and an additional two weeks if you sign up on the same day. The younger they start, the greater the benefits, so don’t wait!

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