The truth about Kickboxing.

There’s a lot of self-defense bunk out there, and we’d like to help you cut through the nonsense and tell you the facts about our kickboxing classes.

Maybe you’ve heard that the ideal self-defense martial art is Aikido, or maybe you’ve heard it’s Tai Chi. There’s, of course, a lot of appeal in these yoga-adjacent martial arts and the way that they talk about balance, rhythm, force, and mindset, but the truth is that there’s not an athletic pursuit on Earth that won’t talk about those. Maybe you think boxing or MMA kickboxing is too forceful and not for you, but we’re going to let you in on a secret:

Any martial art worth its time is going to have its place in kickboxing.

That’s right! Effective martial arts (most especially ones for self-defense) are straightforward, to the point, and expand your athletic potential so that you can get the most of out of your training time. That’s why when we train kickboxing, we train it right, by stripping out the stuff that’s not kickboxing, and keeping in the good stuff so that what’s left is a complete kickboxing system, pulling the best from every martial art between Dutch-Style Kickboxing, South-East Asian Muay Thai, and boxing. This blended form of kickboxing means you won’t just be equipped with the most read-to-go martial art in history, it means you’ll get strong, balanced, trim, and flexible while doing it.

Don’t get trapped learning a martial art that does less for you, and don’t settle for a workout with slower results. Whether your goals are self-defense or self-image, your answers are kickboxing, kickboxing, kickboxing! Don’t wait to get started on something that’ll be so useful.

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