Don't cancel your fitness goals over the holidays.

Make sure to keep up your workout routine through the holidays.

We all know that person who has abs in July and flabs come January. Maybe you’ve even been that person! The truth is, it’s a pretty common cycle to go through. The Holidays roll around and everyone we know is cooking the best food they can in buffet quantities. It’s easy for even dedicated fitness junkies to lose track. But, common as it may be, it’s avoidable with the right planning and routine. Don’t believe us? Take a moment to think about it— if you’re slipping from your summer gains, it’s rarely just diet. Holidays bring more than food! They bring stress too, between visits, gifts, end of the year goals and more, the time crunch can make it hard to go to the gym as regularly as you’d like to!

If this sounds familiar then maybe Evolution MMA is for you.

Training MMA is the best full body workout of your life, only instead of following a pre-set regimen, you’re working with trained, professional coaches who get to know you and your body, and who help keep you on track and in good form for the entirety of your workout. Working with fighters who have to make weight on short notice has taught us the best and most effective dieting strategies, so we know just how to keep people in shape and on target year round, no matter the circumstances. At Evolution MMA, we don’t do judgement: we do guidance. And with Thanksgiving right around the corner, now is the best time to get started on a workout routine that lasts, and a team that shares your goals. Call us today and set up your appointment for a free first trial during one of our flexible hours! The best New Year’s resolutions begin the year before, and getting a head-start is how you ensure you finish the year strong, so don’t wait!

Give us a call, and we’ll get you through the holidays right.

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