Give your child the gift of confidence and bully proof them today!

Bullyproof your child today!

Anyone who has any experience with bullying will tell you that it’s not as simple as being pushed around. Especially with the advent of remote learning, social media, and cyber-bullying, it’s become clearer than ever that bullying is about being made to feel fear. Bullies don’t just hurt us physically, they can make us feel small, weak, and generally negative about who we are.

That’s why it’s always our suggestion that kids who have struggled with bullying learn mixed martial arts. If it were just about learning how to not get pushed around by someone bigger, that would be enough, but the same way that the real pain of bullying is a kid’s loss of confidence, the real benefit of martial arts is in gaining confidence.

At Evolution, we don’t just teach kids MMA¬. We help them grow strong in mind and body, and ensure that they make friendships along the way. Learning MMA will confer all of the regular benefits that a child can get out of athletics, in addition to giving them the life-long security of knowing that they can’t be harmed by someone just because they’re bigger and stronger. There are few things worse than being made to feel weak or scared, especially for children. That’s why when you call to set up at an appointment for your child, we’ll give them a free trial class!

Don’t let them miss out on what they can gain with MMA—call us today!

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