New to MMA? Try a Beginners Class!

New to MMA? Try a Beginners Class!

For those who are unfamiliar with mixed martial arts, but are interested in learning the basics, Evolution MMA offers a beginners program. For beginners MMA in Miami, this fundamental program helps newcomers master the basics of mixed martial arts. An entry level fight class, beginners MMA is designed to help students experience fighting in a methodical, safe way. Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds, build self confidence or pursue a dream as a professional mixed martial arts fighter, Beginners MMA in Miami is where you start Mastering

The Fundamentals

Success with any mixed martial arts program requires mastering the fundamentals of the sport. The Beginners MMA program covers essential strikes, blocks and movements of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, submission grappling, ground and pound, wrestling, boxing, and muay thai kickboxing. The pace is unique to each student, ensuring no one is uncomfortable or pushed forward when they are not ready. Beginners MMA in Kendall, South Miami, South West Dade and Miami is a requirement for all students looking to pursue advanced classes. The program is designed to build the stamina, endurance and physical strength necessary to move forward.

Experienced Professionals For Proven Technique 

Evolution Mixed Martial Arts provides a safe environment for learning the basics of the mixed martial arts discipline. Teammates, instructors and training partners all adhere to the same philosophy- safety, professionalism and “no-ego”. With highly qualified instructors, beginners MMA in South Miami ensures you learn proper and proven techniques to move forward at your own pace, developing and building skills to achieve your own goals and objectives.

All of our instructors have undergone extensive hours of training in their discipline and are prepared to spend the appropriate amount of time with each and every student to ensure success. There’s a reason why so many law enforcement officials, military personnel, professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and educators in the South Miami and West Dade area choose Evolution Mixed Martial Arts- we’re the best.

Beginners MMA In Miami: A Cut Above the Rest

Evolution MMA is proud to offer all students the tools and resources they need for learning in a state-of-the-art environment. We’re pure professionals, and that extends from our Olympic quality training mats and full sized Octagon to expertly trained instructors. We’ve made sure we are the best equipped school for beginners MMA in Miami as well as advanced classes. A cut above the rest, Evolution MMA is the answer to losing weight and getting in shape, building confidence or starting on a journey to become a professional MMA fighter.

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