The Top 5 Martial Arts Moves Every MMA Miami Student Should Know

Although there is much to learn as a beginner at Evolution Mixed Martial Arts Miami, our coaches have compiled a brief list of the most important top 5 martial arts moves students should master in order to maximize their success in the sport of MMA.


The jab is one of the most effective yet under utilized punches in MMA. The proper form includes keeping both hands held high, stepping with the jab on the ball of the foot, keeping the shoulder level and the chin tucked in and down. The effective use of the jab for offense controls the opponent, sets up the opponent for power punches and combos, and measures the distance of the opponent for accurate distance and power. A fighter’s effective use of the jab as a defensive tool throws the opponent off balance, disrupts his or her timing, and keeps him or her at a distance.

2.)Right leg low kick
A right leg low kick is a kick in which the attacker uses his or her back leg to strike their opponent’s lead leg with the shinbone. Low kicks are utilized to damage the challenger’s legs, which cause loss of dexterity, stability, and mobility. Being struck repeatedly by low kicks can often result in damage to bones, joints, ligaments, and muscle tissue.


3.)Full mount
The mount is a dominant position in which one an attacker sits on his or her opponent’s torso, with their face pointing in the same direction as the opponent’s head. This is one of the most dominant positions taught at Evolution MMA because it allows the person several options to control their opponent and inflict maximum damage. Ground and pound can be used from this position to quickly end a fight. The person on top can generate momentum to deliver devastating strikes such as punches or elbows. This position also allows the fighter on top the opportunity to submit an opponent using chokes or joint locks.

4.)Rear naked choke
The rear naked choke one of the most successful ways to finish a fight; The rear naked choke is executed when the attacker’s arm encircles the opponent’s neck from behind and then grabs his own bicep on the other arm. The rear naked choke cuts off blood flow to the brain by compressing the jugular vein and narrowing the carotid arteries, causing the recipient to lose consciousness within 7-10 seconds unless they tap out.


5.)Double Leg Takedown
The double leg takedown is one of the most utilized and high percentage takedowns that every MMA Miami student should know. The double leg takedown is executed by shooting in and grabbing an opponent with both arms around his or her legs while keeping the chest close to the their body, which forces them to the ground. When performed properly, a double leg takedown allows the attacker to land on top of his or her opponent and obtain a dominant position, either for striking or submissions.

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