Boot Camp Miami Helps Member Lose Drop 47 Pounds

Boot Camp Miami Helps Member Lose Drop 47 Pounds

Daniel Goldberg started his weight loss journey at 225 pounds. It began with his decision to get back into martial arts a year and a half ago. The part-time student and legal researcher from Miami, Florida had been steadily gaining weight since he stopped taking Taekwondo classes when he was 13. By 2009, Dan was 5-foot-8 and weighed 245 pounds.

It took all of his willpower to make it through his first boot camp class without puking or passing out. Daniel left the class feeling sore, sweaty, and exhausted. But the next day he returned, and he continued to show up to fitness classes Miami for the next several months. “I struggled a lot with cardio at first. I could not finish a routine without feeling like I was dying and about to vomit. But somehow I made it,” Goldberg says.

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Dan committed to attending boot camp 3 times per week and began taking kickboxing and jiu-jitsu classes as well. Each week it got easier for him to complete the grueling fitness gym Miami workout. He continually increased his goals and spoke with the coaches about changes he could make when he hit a weight-loss plateau.

Daniel also reconstructed his diet. “You have to treat eating like an addiction,” he says. Dan used to indulge with fried foods, carbohydrates and sweets. Now he eats several small meals a day, using a small plate to control his portion sizes. “If I could do it, so can you,” Dan says.

Since beginning Miami boot camp classes, Goldberg has lost 47 pounds. He’s happier and more positive than he’s ever been, and it shows in every aspect of his life.

Dan loves having enough energy get through a busy workday and still do the things he loves, like martial arts and fishing. Daniel not only learned how to stay motivated, consistent, and efficient; he also learned how to enjoy working out.
“If you want to lose weight start slow,” Goldberg says. “Forget about tomorrow and concentrate on taking things one day at a time. Just wake up and do your best each day.”

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