5 Essential Tips for Successful Kickboxing Sparring- Evolution MMA Miami

5 Essential Tips for Successful Kickboxing Sparring- Evolution MMA Miami

Sparring isn’t just for fighters. While our cardio kickboxing classes Miami are great for getting an intense workout and learning kickboxing techniques and combinations, sparring is essential to experience what kickboxing actually is: hand-to-hand combat. Some people have reservations about sparring because they are (understandably) intimidated by the idea of getting punched and kicked. Here are a few tips to help beginners prepare for kickboxing sparring:

1. Stay Calm and Relaxed
Sparring can be overwhelming for beginners. No matter how “in shape” you are, sparring will be exhausting. Even though you may feel like a human punching bag at first, try to breathe and stay calm. Keep your hands up. Wild, looping punches or spastic movements compromise your defense and cost you a lot of energy. You want to practice using controlled, fluid movements. Sparring is about technique, not power. Remember that you are sparring to learn and improve your technique, not to knock someone out.

Kickboxing Sparring

2. Keep it Simple
Pump the jab! As a kickboxing Miami beginner at sparring, the jab is your best weapon. It can be easy to forget the basics when under pressure, but never underestimate the power of the jab. The jab keeps your partner busy defensively and helps set up bigger punches. Not every jab will land, but a quick, straight jab thrown properly can do a lot for you offensively and defensively. Sticking to basic fundamental techniques and focusing on form and control when you first start sparring will help you improve quickly.

3. Kickboxing Miami Mandate: Leave your Ego at the Door
Sparring means hitting and taking hits. Don’t get upset when you get hit. If you are new to sparring and are worried about looking bad, don’t! The only way you will get better at blocking punches and kicks is by getting punched and kicked. Accept this and learn from it. Eventually you will learn to block those hits and counter them.

4. Spar Often and With as Many Partners as Possible
Some students are hesitant to join sparring kickboxing classes Miami because they feel like they are unqualified to pair with more experienced students. The fact is, everyone started out as a beginner. Being an effective stand-up fighter takes time and endless practice. Spar with as many people as you can, as often as you can. Everyone has his or her own style and favorite combinations, and the more you are exposed to, the more dynamic you will become. Go out of your comfort zone. A good partner will match your level of experience and help you learn.

5. Set Personal Goals
Whether you are new to sparring or a seasoned fighter, having personal goals when sparring in Evolution’s kickboxing classes Miami will help you advance quickly. Concentrating on specific techniques such as keeping your hands up or checking low kicks is a great way to help you keep calm and focused. Ask your coaches what needs improvement and then focus on developing those areas when you spar.

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