Family Friendly Mixed Martial Arts Gym Evolution MMA Teaches Self Defense

Evolution MMA takes pride in teaching children and teens mixed martial arts fundamentals in a family-friendly environment. One of the differences between going to an average weight lifting gym and Evolution MMA are the smiles you will see on the student's faces. It’s hard to beat a good blood pumping work out, that’s fun, exciting and mentally stimulating.  Our programs are great for kids since most of them spend so much time on their devices in today’s society. Our world-class coaches teach kids discipline, concentration, and best of all, the benefits of meaningful work. We are so successful with our kid's martial arts programs that many of the parents end up training as well to get in better shape! We love seeing parents and kids bonding while getting in shape and we are happy to provide the arena at our MMA gym for this to happen.

Want Your Kid To Learn Self Defense?

We live in a beautiful world. There are so many places to go and things to see. Evolution MMA allows your kid to learn self-defense that will build self-confidence and instill respect in them. They will learn to throw a punch, block one, kick, block one, hold someone in a submission, and so much more. Our staff is incredible and our coaches have even trained amateur and professional fighters. Visit our mixed martial arts gym and take a look at our wall of championship fighters and coaches and see what the Evolution MMA family has accomplished.

A sharp mind is the greatest weapon, and physical fitness improves mental fitness, clarity, mood, and drive. Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing will keep your kids more focused and sharper than ever before, so don’t be surprised if you start to see them perform better in school as well as feeling better in general.

Get Your Family Fit With Kickboxing And Boot Camp Classes

Which brings us to our kickboxing and cardio boot camp classes. See how one of our students lost 100’s of pounds through our cardio program. Our kickboxing and boot camp classes are a great way to get a full body work-out and shed some of those unwanted pounds. Get your family in the best physical shape of their lives at Evolution MMA see the difference for yourself.

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