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  • Give your child the gift of confidence and bully proof them today!

    Bullyproof your child today! Anyone who has any experience with bullying will tell you that it’s not as simple as being pushed around. Especially with the advent of remote learning, social media, and cyber-bullying, it’s become clearer than ever that bullying is about being made to feel fear. Bullies don’t just hurt us physically, they can make us feel small, weak, and generally negative about who we are. That’s why it’s always our suggestion that kids who have struggled with bullying learn mixed martial arts. If it were just about learning how to not get pushed around by someone bigger, that would be enough, but the same way that the real pain of bullying is ....

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  • The importance or jiujitsu in the sport of MMA.

    The past few years have seen an absolute explosion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, both in BJJ’s mass appeal, and the prevalence of BJJ gyms. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skill has proven to be an absolute necessity in mixed martial arts competition, and even people who seem like they would otherwise have nothing to do with MMA are hopping on the train. And yet, even as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grows, it still has yet to completely shed its reputations as a traditional, esoteric martial art, and as a violent, brutal form of prize fighting. So where’s the popularity coming from? It’s important for us here at Evolution MMA to transcend the stereotypes, because we believe there’s not a ....

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  • There is some misunderstanding about the term "MMA".

    We get a lot of calls here at Evolution MMA, but one of the most common has to be, “What kind of MMA/Mixed Martial arts do you teach,” or even, “Do you teach UFC?”(the UFC is a promotion for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts). They’ll wonder how we stack up to traditional martial arts like karate, tae kwon do, or aikido. Why choose our school over those? There is a lot of misunderstanding about the art of MMA, much of which is understandable! MMA is a relative newcomer compared to other traditional martial arts, combining everything from boxing to muay thai, from wrestling to judo, so it’s understandable when people ask: What is Mixed Martial Arts? What ....

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  • Get started on your MMA training goals today!

    If you’ve ever watched an MMA match, the elite athleticism of the fighters involved probably crossed your mind. Fighting for 30 seconds can be a real challenge for untrained people, so fighting for 25 minutes might seem near impossible. But there’s a truth that we at Evolution MMA hold close to our hearts: Everyone is a beginner at some point, and that means you shouldn’t have to be in championship shape to start learning. Good mixed martial arts isn’t just drilling technique, the same way that good mixed martial arts isn’t just cardio conditioning. Good MMA training does both. Here at Evolution, we train pro fighters, adults and kids who’ve never been in ....

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  • Don't cancel your fitness goals over the holidays.

    Make sure to keep up your workout routine through the holidays. We all know that person who has abs in July and flabs come January. Maybe you’ve even been that person! The truth is, it’s a pretty common cycle to go through. The Holidays roll around and everyone we know is cooking the best food they can in buffet quantities. It’s easy for even dedicated fitness junkies to lose track. But, common as it may be, it’s avoidable with the right planning and routine. Don’t believe us? Take a moment to think about it— if you’re slipping from your summer gains, it’s rarely just diet. Holidays bring more than food! They bring stress too, between visits, ....

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  • The truth about Kickboxing.

    There’s a lot of self-defense bunk out there, and we’d like to help you cut through the nonsense and tell you the facts about our kickboxing classes. Maybe you’ve heard that the ideal self-defense martial art is Aikido, or maybe you’ve heard it’s Tai Chi. There’s, of course, a lot of appeal in these yoga-adjacent martial arts and the way that they talk about balance, rhythm, force, and mindset, but the truth is that there’s not an athletic pursuit on Earth that won’t talk about those. Maybe you think boxing or MMA kickboxing is too forceful and not for you, but we’re going to let you in on a secret: Any martial art worth its time is ....

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  • Ever thought about trying out Jiu Jitsu?

    Have you ever considered training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? If not, now might be the time. While Jiu Jitsu sometimes lacks the spectacle and raw athletic benefit of striking, there’s a reason that it’s become the most popular martial art in recent years, and it’s not just due to its association with elite-level mixed martial artists. Jiu Jitsu is, without equal, the most utilitarian, bang-for-your-buck martial art you can train, with a wider set of benefits than you can expect from most physical activities. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has been described by some as a full-body chess match, or a debate in a language that uses the body to speak. Descended from Judo, “The Gentle ....

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  • Evolution MMA has a program just for you.

    Fitness doesn’t look the same for everybody! Other fitness specialists and MMA gyms might be happy to prescribe a one-size-fits-all plan for their customers, but at Evolution MMA, we know that individuals aren’t one-size-fits-all. We believe that if you’ve got fitness goals, then you’re the expert in reaching them­—all people like us do is provide the tools. That’s why we center our cardio, weight loss, self-defense, and competition classes around mixed martial arts, because it’s the most versatile mode of fitness you can find anywhere. The sport of MMA is as multifaceted as it can get. Dutch-school kickboxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, Wrestling, ....

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  • Martial Arts Saved My Life.

    Martial arts has changed many lives, and it can change yours. We’ve been training Mixed Martial Arts for a long time. If there’s one story you’ll hear again and again in this industry, it’s this: “Martial Arts saved my life.” Everybody knows somebody for whom this is true, whether because it built their confidence, or just because it was something to do that wasn’t getting in trouble. When you’ve been a professional in this MMA field for long enough, you notice patterns, and what we see is that when kids are exposed to martial arts, they turn out for the better. In addition to the wide set of benefits that are conferred by regular physical ....

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  • Gain confidence through MMA.

    A lot of people ask us what mixed martial arts can do for them. They’re not interested in competing, they stay plenty fit with the gym, and they feel secure in their current self-defense capabilities. So why mixed martial arts? Don’t get us wrong—a membership with Evolution MMA can definitely get you all of those things. There aren’t many workouts more efficient than kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is in many ways like learning a whole new language. It’s a complete workout for your body and mind, a place to meet people and make friends, and some peace of mind should you ever have a violent encounter. But what if you’ve got all that covered? When ....

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